"Not being a handyman, I needed someone to build my garage from
beginning to end, including trenching, electrical, etc. When I called ASAP
Garage Builders, they walked me through every step of the process,
insured I knew
what permits I needed, what to expect for material delivery time lines,
etc. I was very comfortable in dealing with Greg from the start. We
walked through all options, any upgrade opportunities, etc . . . and
comparing apples to apples, ASAP came in with, not only a very
competitive price, but with the best service from the first phone call
onward through completion.

They were professional at every turn from their attention to detail, to
their accessibility in answering questions throughout the entire
When the project was complete, I was extremely pleased with
the workmanship, the time line, and the  work they put into the
'reference binder' left behind in great detail that will answer any of my
questions from this point forward.

ASAP Garage Builders gets a high recommendation from me."

Chris Sadleir
Terwillegar Towne,
"My garage was completed on time and
on budet.  Greg provides professional
service from start to  finish with an
attention to detail that is unsurpassed."  
- Jason Stianson

"At ASAP Garage Builders, garage construction is our passion and is clearly reflected in the quality of the
building we produce.  Our material and craftsmanship will never be compromised which maximizes the value
of the product our clients receive.  

We feel our customer satisfaction speaks clearly of the service we are providing .  This gives us great
pleasure in knowing they will continue to enjoy their garage and are happy they chose us to help them
complete their dream."